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Medway 1827

Ian Broinowski
I am researching my who came to VDL on the Medway

Medway  (450 ton ship) London on 1 April 1827 Hobart on 20 August 1827 Travelling with family via Bahia and Brazil; tobacco and assorted goods; 35 passengers.

I am wondering if you have any more information on this trip or the ship.

many thanks for an excellent site

kind regards


extra information:
Captain John Bell 1790 - 1841

Ship's Captain and Owner        Captain Bell was an owner and master of ships used for transportation of convicts and for trade, between Great Britain and Australia. Between 1818 and 1827, he was the master of several ships arriving in Van Diemen's Land. In 1827, he was a passenger travelling to Tasmania with his wife and children.  Ships included the "Minerva" a 530 ton convict transport, and the "Caledonia", a 275 ton brig. Registers show it brought Spanish dollars to Hobart in 1827. He sold the the ship to a Captain John George Briggs in March 1827, after which it conducted trading in goods including wheat and sugar. Captain Bell's voyages as Master included: