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Convict Ship Lady Montagu

john Madge
Is there a picture or plans of this ship.
Interested as a relative John Goodridge Paul died whilst on board.

Lady Montague –763 tons
John Vaux  : ship owner Southampton
11th. March 1848 – launched - the Lady Montague of 800 tons was launched from ship-building yard of Mr.Vaux at Northam (River Itchen – Southampton)
22nd April 1848     sailed   Southampton Water for Aden   with coal for P & O
Capt. Wells. Mate J R  Smith, 5 apprentices (Mansbridge, Millard, Lee, Paul, Oscroft). Midshipman Brazier, 36 crew
six weeks Capt. Wells died, & James Robinson Smith took command.
Called at Mauritius
Aden – Bombay  to Canton, Whampoa, traded between  Amoy, Shanghae, & Hong Kong.
28 June 1849  at Hong Kong
John Vaux, owner, claimed Captain  Samuel Robinson Smith  traded on his own account contrary to his orders to bring the vessel home.
Cumsingmoon (between Hong Kong & Whampoa.) took on board 450 indentured Chinese
Chinese told California gold diggings but destination  was Callao for loading guano ships at the Peruvian islands.[
17th. Feb 1850   sailed from Cumsingmoon, via Sumatra early March.
13th. April          arrived Hobart Town (short of water/provisions)
30th. April          sailed Hobart Town for Lima
27th. June           arrived Callao

On return to  Hong Kong owners had Capt. Smith superseded by Capt. Le Shaw for passage back to England via Sickness resulted in nearly 300 emigrants & crew perishing during the four months before reaching  the Peruvian coast It was 12 months before she returned to Hong Kong.

21 April  1851    at   Hong Kong
Singapore, Madras, Cape of Good Hope, St. Helena
Lady Montague reached the Cove of Cork after more than four years – new Capt. Also Dismissed.

Among 275 who died during voyage, doctor (shipped in China), Second Mate Brazier (promoted midshipman) &  Apprentice John Goodridge Paul..
Apprentice Lee invalided & landed at Hobart.
John Paul died 3 days after  leaving Hobart. (in 1850 aged 21)
Apprentice Oscroft deserted at Calao.